February 03, 2014


What did you do during the super bowl?  I was working, and really, I didn't care.  This girl's not a sports fan whatsoever, so it was just another day to me (well, that and Groundhog Day!  But that's another subject in itself).

Tonight after picking up a few items at the grocery store for dinner, I was driving home listening to NPR, and heard part of this super bowl commercial that I missed.  I almost cried.  So good.  And of course I had to look it up and watch it when I got home, and thought I'd share it with you in case you missed it as well.  Give it a watch.

Seriously, America's not just a bunch of English speaking people.  We're a beautiful meld of amazing cultures, and I'd love for our country to embrace that and live in harmony.  They said on the radio that twitter was blowing up after this commercial aired; at first with a bunch of enraged people, wondering why they were singing America the Beautiful in different languages... seriously?  Then it followed with the supporters, which is what I think it should've been all along.  Can't we all just love one another?

Thanks for the great commercial, Coca Cola.

What was your favorite commercial this year that I should look up?

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  1. I didn't watch the superbowl, but I saw this online and I loved it too! It made me tear up! I seriously could not believe that it made people offended, it kind of made me sad for the state of the world...but the important part is that it was a lovely thing and I am sure it positively impacted way more people than the grumps!


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