January 28, 2014

winter wishes

Hey all!  This winter's behaving like, well, winter!  It's crazy snowy here in southwest Michigan!  I finally gave in and went to the gym I signed up for back in November.  I needed to run, and it's just too insane outside to attempt it.  I'll run in the snow, but the sidewalks are ridiculous, and I don't want to risk getting hit by a car in the road, haha.

The gym wasn't as bad as I thought it would be.  I'm just so intimidated by the thought of going, and having people watch me, etc.  But it was fine!  After hopping on the treadmill, I just stood and stared at it for a minute, not knowing what to do with all the buttons.  Finally I figured out the basics, pumped up the speed, and got 4 miles in!

Here are some things I've been wishing on lately, and hoping to make a reality sooner than later.  All except the trip of course, haha.  That's just a dream, but hey.

winter wishes

winter wishes by exploringwoods featuring home decor

My sewing machine is in the fritz, and I have a few projects I've been wanting to get done but can't do so with my current machine acting up.  This little guy from Ikea would fit my needs well, since I only do basic stuff.

Foam roller!  I'm about to go pick one of these bad boys up, to help my achy muscles and hopefully make training for my half marathon easier.

I've been crushing on this hemp wallet.  My current wallet was an impulse buy, and really isn't "me."  It's a bit too fashionista-ish and I feel a little silly using it.  I'm a weird mix of hippy/ hipster/ girly...

Aaaand, I'd love a vacation.  So bad.  The snow is really killing my spirit, and the spirit of everyone I've heard talking about winter really.  I want to find somewhere that has three seasons; spring, summer, and fall.  Anyone know where that might be?  I want to live there.

peace out for now!


  1. That's the exact foam roller I have! I hope it helps. Ah...the beach always makes my heart so happy! I hope you're able to make it there soon!

  2. I'm really craving a vacation too.. preferably somewhere far away haha!

  3. Oh boy....... I could seriously use a vacation. Here in Seattle we've really only got 2 seasons! Summer, which rocks, and then gray for the rest of the 9 months. Somehow, I still love it here though.


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