December 12, 2013

what to wear~ holiday spirit

Actually, I haven't even put my bloody Christmas tree up yet; haven't felt much of an urge to I guess.  A small one, but not much... I'm becoming more of a stooge as I grow old, wondering what all this hooplah is about anyway.  Why, one day a year, does everyone buy each other a ton of crap? ...I don't know either. Ha!  So, here's my holly jolly outfit, as I proceeded to run out the door for work (no, I did not wear this to work).

Do you see all that snow out my window?!  Whaaaat happened?  Seriously, I have an outfit post I have yet to put up from just a few days (basically...) ago, where you can still see the grass and I'm in a cute little dress (freezing, mind you).  I do live in Michigan, & I have to keep reminding myself of that fact, and that it is a choice. :)  Not so much a snow fan here, but it is uber pretty.  How 'bout you?  (Lisa, I know you are; that's great!)  Just can't get into it myself.

Sooo, as for my holiday's just oozing out slowly.  I think it'll make it out before it's too late.  Molasses in Janu- er, I mean December, right?  I'm just considering the meaning of the holiday, and budgets and such, haha.  Ya know.  Peace, y'all.

Check out Nicole's blog for more (merrier) holiday spirit inspired outfits!


  1. Love your sweater! I love snow, as long as I'm inside hahaha. We always have snow before and after Christmas, but never during, which sucks balls. Oh and we're not putting up a christmas tree either this year but that's only because of our kitty, he would destroy everything in a heartbeat :p

  2. Snow is pretty! We tend to go gift free for Christmas these days, although with a baby now we will get him some, but even that will be limited. We're putting our tree up (well, bringing it inside) this weekend - which is early for us!
    Nice outfit, after all that :)

  3. I love your sweater! Perfect for this time of year. and I have to say I agree I'm not a huge snow fan myself, but I do like it around the holidays. So far this year Maine has had an abnormal lack of snow, but it's making up for it with bitter temps.

  4. I love the mint pants- I really wanted a pair that color! The snow is so pretty but only fun if you can sit inside or bundle up to play, not fun if you have to drive around or work :)

  5. That is a delicious sweater! I had to stop wearing my mint green jeans because every time I get into or out of my car, or brush it off I get covered in dirty car dirt. Yeah...But I do love the snow!!

  6. Umm. Blogger, did you just lose my comment. Not cool. let's try and remember it! For funsies!

    That sweater is delicious! I had to stop wearing my mint pants because every time I got into or out of my car I get dirty car dirt all over myself. Yeppers. But I do love the snow!!


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