December 02, 2013

let's eat~ vegan fudge

For Thanksgiving, I made a few different things to bring to my parents house, one being fudge.  I saw Kaylah from The Dainty Squid's contribution on ModCloth's Friendsgiving post of vegan fudge, and I definitely wanted to try some.  What better way than to bring it to a gathering?  I mean, I don't need to be eating all that fudge myself, and it's always fun to share!  (I still ended up eating a ton of it though!)

You may have seen this dinosaur plate on Pintrest; well, I finally decided to give it a shot!  After a failed first attempt (my dog broke it while the glue was drying), I tried again.  Not thinking too much about the angle of which I sawed the head off, it was harder than it seemed, after the plate wouldn't sit straight, & the glue wouldn't dry/ bond.  After some leveling out, and just a regular ol' hot glue gun, some spray paint (& plastic spray paint primer!), it was finally finished!

I added some tiny paper doilies to the plate before placing the fudge, since it is spray painted and all...not too good for your system if I'm correct.  Another thing to be aware of if you make this plate, is that it can get pretty off-balance; we had to tend to pile the fudge up in the back and take from the front, or he'd take an ugly nose dive onto the table (only a few times, haha).

Anyway, the dino served as a fun conversation piece, and the fudge was tasty!  The only change I made was to not use hard cider, and opted for regular, as my fam doesn't drink, and there were children there. :)  I suggest giving this recipe a try!  It's super easy, and delish (even better when room temp than just out of the fridge, fyi).


  1. That dinosaur plate is awesome! I'm glad you got it right in the end.
    And the fudge sounds yummy :)

    1. Thanks, I was super happy it came out finally! Could use some tweeking, but it'll work for now. ;)

  2. Ah! Look at this new blog design! I really love it!

    And dino plate...LOVE.

  3. I can't believe I have never seen that dino plate on Pinterest... I have to make that!


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