December 18, 2013

focus on the good

How many of you have heard of the Youtube channel Soul Pancake?  Probably a lot, but if you haven't, you should so check it out.  It's chuck full of inspirational videos that will make you think, learn, laugh, and cry.

This morning I was directed via my subscription email to the video below, so I thought I'd give it a watch.  It's definitely inspiring, and makes this pessimist realist think.  Give it a watch!

It still makes me sad, but is a great reminder to live life to its fullest, not sweat the small stuff, and just be happy.  It'd be great if we as a community of bloggers (& blog readers) could help make Chris and his family's lives that much sweeter and more meaningful throughout his last days, allowing them to focus on what's important rather than money.

peace to you, & have a good day!

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