December 17, 2013

fa la nom-nom-nom


You guys, I love food. It's so great; haha. No seriously...but don't we all?  I actually kind of get tired of the act of eating sometimes though, like didn't I just do this?   Again??   That's why I quit showering every day, but that's another subject. I also like trying to eat healthfully, and it's a fun challenge to see what you can come up with. I've been drinking loads of vegan hot cocoa from a local joint lately, cutting this coffee addict's intake to almost none, and it's so delicious! I think it's a lot healthier for my heart without all the caffeine pumping it in abnormally fast throbs.

This scrumptious breakfast of peanut butter toast and sprinkles of cinnamon, along with a bowl of  strawberries lightly dusted with powdered sugar was enjoyed on a fun new serving tray.  The nice folks at Uncommon Goods sent me this tray to try out, and so far I'm loving it!  It's true purpose is for grilled cheese and soup, but looking at their photos gave me a few other ideas beside the classic, such as this breakfast above!  I think it would also work great with chips and salsa, and I'm trying to think of a dessert to fill this with; brownies, cake, ice cream...nomnomnom.
Of course, I had to try out some grilled cheese and soup as well. :)  This platter makes it much easier than trying to balance your bowl of soup on a plate while trying to keep it from sliding and sloshing around.  The little indented shapes for your food and bowl keep everything nicely in place so you can dunk away!  It is a little on the heavy side, since it's made of ceramic, but not too bad.  It'll be nice to be able to pop it in the oven to keep things warm on as well.
Looking at these photos is making me crave another sandwich and soup.  Tis the season!  I topped this one with some yogurt cheese and avacado, and had a sparkling blood orange soda on the side; mmm...


Uncommon Goods is a pretty neat company.  They have all sorts of unique, fun and useful gadgets that you can't easily find other places.  They make most of their items in the U.S.A. and about half by hand, aaaand, about 1/3 of their items incorporate recycled/ upcylced materials-- woo!  Oh, and for every purchase made, they donate $1 to one of four non-profits you can choose from.  Pretty sweet if you ask me.
Still have some last minute shopping to do?  They have plenty of gift options available for women found here, and the snazzy men in your life here.  While you're there, check out their personalized gifts; there are two paged full of adorable memorabilia you can make extra meaningful with a small touch.  I would lovelove this adorable stump ring with Mike and I's initials "carved" into it; soo cute!

Welp, I'm off to an eye appointment, then hopefully back home to enjoy another grilled cheese before heading off to work for the night!  Have a good Tuesday!

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