November 21, 2013

what's in my wardrobe~ so NOW I mix patterns...

Hmm, this outfit would've worked well for last week's mixed pattern What to Wear... I wasn't planning on mixing patterns, actually, but I threw this shirt on over my dress when going out to take photos because it was so cold, and really like how it turned out.
Pardon my blog's mess... I'm still trying to figure out how I want to design this space, but I stink at it.  In fact, I purchased a template yesterday, and now I can't figure out how to install it, ha.  rawr.  So I'll be purchasing some more things to help me put it in...stay tuned for my new look!  Hopefully then it will stay put for a while.
I'm getting my hair cut again today!  Funny how when you get it cut short, you have to get it cut so much more often.  I think it's grown so much already.  Wow, that's all.  Not too much going on.
outfit details -->
dress, tights & shirt~ Target
socks~ thrifted
shoes~  Razmitten Blowfish, via Meijer (my grocery store; say whaaaa?!)
Hope you have a good day!


  1. This outfit is adorable! And I hear you about having to get your hair cut more when its short, when my hair was long I could go months with out even a trim and it would look fine, now I have to trim it at least once a month. You look super good with short hair too =)

    1. thanks, lady! my hair sure does grow quickly, sheesh! I should be thankful, though. :)

  2. This outfit is so sweet! I am loving all the mixed patterns! So fun and original! I adore the tights!


    1. Thank you! I <3 these tights too, but I'm think I JUST ripped them! ah!


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