November 26, 2013

what's in my wardrobe~ shmacy pants

A black dress found its way into my home on a recent thrifting trip.  After a small debate between me, myself, and I on whether or not to get it, I did.  I'm mostly glad I did; the only thing I'm disappointed in is the fact that it sticks to the back of my legs like none other.  Hoping a slip purchase will fix you think it will?  I even sprayed the back of my legs with hairspray because I thought I recalled hearing that was a trick somewhere, haha.  Not so much.
Every girl is supposed to own a little black dress, right?  Until now I haven't had one, so I'm kind of excited.  Thrifted and staticy, but I like it.  I had some fancy shmancy business to attend to, so I got dolled up a bit.  Thankfully I also have a long (dress length) black coat, and it's cold out, so that hid any creeping that my dress did while out and about.
Afterward, I indulged in some beard beer for last week's Food & Beer Friday post.
This is my Dad's smile. :)  hehe, fo sho.  Didn't even mean to.  Love you, Dad.
outfit details -->
dress & socks- thrifted
tights- Target
boots- Blowfish
necklace- handmade
glasses- Coastal
Hoping you all have a great Tuesday.  Busy, busy week coming up; y'all ready??


  1. What a great thrift find! The dress looks great on you, I hope a slip fixes everything up for you =}

  2. Such a pretty dress! And hopefully a slip will fix it all up

  3. That dress looks pretty great! And your hair really looks great on you by the way.


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