November 11, 2013

happy little wishes

I've started a small wish list of sorts, not necessarily a Christmas list, since we don't go crazy with gifts at Christmas anymore. Just some things I'd like to own at some point. :)

happy little wishes
I'm getting contacts!  Well, I have a practice pair already while I wait for my real ones to come in, but I can't see a darn thing out of them.  Seriously, they're bad; like worse than if I straight up don't have glasses on; hoping the real deal is better.  I think this owl case would be adorable to keep them in!
Ah, this dress is gorgeous.  Just a little out of my comfort spending zone, though, so I'll be eyeing it for any future sales!
I'd love to have a Garmin watch for running!  I don't know much about the different types, but this ones seems basic and affordable enough (compared to others, ugh-- pricey!).  Any recommendations would be appreciated!
Have you tried Charity Pot by Lush!  I've gone through one small container and am on my next; I'm thinking a big pot would suit me better.  I love that all the proceeds go to different charities!
What?!  Betty's gone vegan? haha, awesome, I'd love to see what this book contains.
I hope you're all having a great Monday!  I've been super lazy all day, and need to get my butt into gear and get some things done!


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  1. Oh love that dress! I haven't tried the charity pot yet, what does it do? I hate lenses myself. Well, I loved them for about 3 years but I started wearing my glasses again. I think I'm better with glasses haha!


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