November 01, 2013

food & beer friday~ four witches

A few days ago, I had a day off of work, so I decided to run a few errands and get some things done.  While out, I picked up this beer to share today, thinking it was quite fitting with Halloween being yesterday.  I was near a cider mill, and thought it would be nice to swing by and get some cider and a few doughnuts to have with my beer!  After driving around in circles for a while, I found the mill, pet a goat, got some cider & doughnuts and left. 
Holy moly guys, after that I got so lost! I'm the worst with directions! Thankfully it was a really nice day, and I didn't really mind driving around, figuring I'd eventually run into some sort of main road and recognize something, haha. There were lots of pretty farms and it was sunny out, so that was nice. I did eventually find something I knew, which was a fish hatchery, so I hopped out and looked at the fish for a while before jumping in the car and going home.

Haha, anyway the beer!  Four Witches is a black Saison beer made by New Holland Brewing.  I though it was okay...definitely not one of my favorites.  The ABV is 7.3%.  Here's what New Holland has to say about the flavor: 

White and dark roasted wheat join caramel rye and barley in a flavorful backdrop for yeast character accentuated by mild spicing.

I think Mike's right, in that I just don't like beer if it's not hoppy, haha (or sour, or fruity...okay I like other things, but I love hops!).

What seasonal beers have you been trying?  Any I've gotta have??

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