November 13, 2013

cultivation wednesday

Lately I've been pondering what to write about on Wednesdays; I try to keep somewhat of a schedule on here, and Wednesday's as of late have been mid-week boost posts.  Those were nice for a while, and it's always good to read an inspiring quote that can encourage you to make it through the week.  I got a little tired of them, though; just copying other's work and plopping it over here, and well, I work in retail, so a "mid-week boost" isn't always my mid-week.  I work all sorts of random hours, and rarely have a weekend off.  Whatever, that's retail life.
Care can change the world
Something I'd really like to focus on once a week, is something near and dear to my heart. I have a passion for charities, and helping others. I sort of love giving, (perhaps a little too much, still working on finding a healthy (& affordable) balance) and helping others who are worse off than I. I figure if I can give, why not? So Wednesdays I'm going to be highlighting different charities, organizations, or maybe just a new way of thinking, and ways we can help each other out as fellow human beings. I'm tired of living the same life day to day, and I want to make a positive difference in this world while I'm here.
Do you remember earlier this spring when I did the Charity: Water campaign for my birthday?  Through Charity: Water's facebook this morning, I was led to another organization called Action Against Hunger USA, and they were highlighting the devastation that's taken place in the Philippines as a result of Typhoon Haiyan.  These people have lost literally everything, and so many of them are starving and in need of food and water.

massive typhoon slams philippines | ... Typhoon Haiyan batters the central Philippines with sustained winds of

"With extensive experience working across the Philippines since 2000, Action Against Hunger’s experts were able to mount an immediate emergency response, with teams carrying out initial surveys to assess needs while preparing distributions of drinking water and survival kits containing buckets, soap, and chlorine tablets."

"In anticipation of such disasters, ACF maintains stocks of emergency water and sanitation equipment to help stave off outbreaks of waterborne diseases. Our teams have begun setting up mobile water treatment plants, massive “bladders” for distributing clean water, and emergency pumps and filtration systems to ensure access to water in the coming weeks. Additional staff and emergency materiel are also en route as reinforcements."Powerful typhoon slams Philippines

Any little bit that you can give up would help!  Think of all our "little bits," and it adds up to a lot-a-bit!

Can't donate money?  Perhaps you could just roll up your sleeve and give some blood!  I'm hoping to find a donation site soon; it's been far too long.

How do you all feel about the new direction Wednesdays are going on here?  Something you'd like to read about, or a skipper?

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