November 27, 2013

cultivation wednesday~ change for a cause is a website chuck full of petitions on a variety of different subjects.  Every now and then one will pop up in my facebook feed that interests me, and it's super easy to "sign" it online.  Just a few clicks and that's it!  Recently I've signed a few; this one against Wal-Mart trapping the pigs they use in gestational crates, causing them to be unable to move about, turn around, or even lie down.  I can't bring myself to watch the attached movie, I've seen enough of that stuff; I'm convinced!

End Unlimited Dumping of Carbon Pollution

Other petitions I've signed lately include this one for WIC to add cloth diapers to their program, this one on raising minimum wage, and this one in support of clean air.

I kind of love signing petitions, and thinking that I could make a difference for the better.  An added bonus is that it's free!  I encourage you to pop over to and do a little search for something you're interested in; they have main categories listed to choose from your interests.  A little help can go a long way if we all work together!

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