November 03, 2013

book review~ The Happiness Project

Sarah from The Laughing Medusa is hosting a book club that I've joined-- the Self Love Book Club.  In October, we read The Happiness Project by Gretchen Rubin.  Never having been much of a reader, I figured it would help motivate me to read more.  I missed out on the first month, but hopped on the reading train last month, and have my book to start for November patiently waiting for me.  Just having finished The Happiness Project last night, I'm a little late on starting, but only by a few days.
A Happy Life
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I liked the book at first, but it really didn't hold my attention all that well as I read on.  For a mostly non-reader like myself, it takes a lot for me to read a book, and I really had to force myself to finish this one.  The whole idea of Gretchen's happiness project was a good idea; taking a year and focusing on different things that would make her a happier person, and zeroing in on a specific thing each month.  Do the things you love; don't be selfish, love others, laugh more, take time for you, etc.  A lot of the things she did seemed to be really forced, and like she didn't want to do them at all; just really stuffy... maybe I'm just being negative, but why force yourself to do specific things to make you happy if you really aren't enjoying it in the first place?  On the other hand, things that we often force ourselves to do are really good for us (exercising, eating healthy, going to sleep early), even if we don't enjoy them.
Rambling aside, I'm glad I read it, but I'm glad it's over, haha!
I've come up with a short & incomplete list of some things that make me happy:
cats // sleeping in // breakfast with Mike // sunshine // running // healthy living // veg & vegan diets // charities~ donating & spreading word // hikes // finding treasures in nature // star gazing // a clean house // getting people gifts "just because" // snail mail // dance-party-in-the-kitchen-worthy music // things that make me laugh till I cry, and just can't stop laugh/crying // pooping (ha!) // smashed penny machines // food trucks // freshly painted nails // walking through cemeteries // exploring woods (my namesake:) // documentaries
I'm linking up with Sarah's book review, so click on over to her blog if you'd like to see what everyone else has to say about the book!  If you want to join in, pick up a copy of Daring Greatly for yourself.


  1. I also found her to be very stuffy. Change is difficult absolutely, but her attitude on her available resources and support network was off-putting for me at times.

  2. Great review, I've not read the book, but you've inspired me to read something ( anything!).

  3. I see this book everywhere but have never been inspired enough to pick up. Also, walking trough a cemetry makes you happy!? what the!? Possibly even more random then including pooping haha!


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