October 10, 2013

what's in my wardrobe~ green and lacy things

Whoa blog, hi.  How have you been?  Guys, I've been thinking about blogging, but as you can see, just thinking about it doesn't make it happen.  Anyhoo, here I am for now.  Wearing some green and a thrifted crocheted top.  And my music box necklace of course.
My hair's not-so-much purple anymore...I can't quite decide if I want to go crazy with it yet or not (ie--bleach it out and go lavender!  eep!).  Most likely not, but if I had a stay at home job I totally would.  My hair's been looking its best when I don't wash it; like the third day is when it's at its peak.  But then by that time, the shower is crying for me to wash the grime away and I have to start all over.  I use dry shampoo on the days I don't wash it, and it adds a sort of grit/ volume to my hair that's just fantastic.  On my own, my hair is super fine and silky, and falls in my face constantly, driving me up the wall.  After my shower, I usually wait for my hair to dry, and immediately put some more dry shampoo up in there, haha.  See my post on dry shampoo here.
outfit details-->
both tops- thrifted
pants & shoes- Target
necklace- Jewel Mint (giveaway win)


  1. You look great and your hair too! Maybe you could use volume powder instead of dry shampoo, it's the same idea :)

  2. First, since I'm finally back to reading blogs I'm just now seeing your new design & haircut! Love both!! Ugh, I wish I could go three days on dry shampoo. After one, I just have to be done. Cute outfit!


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