October 17, 2013

what to wear~ to the movies

When I go to the movies, especially this time of year, I want to make sure I'll be warm enough during the show.  My mother can attest to the fact that our local theater is quite chilly.  She's been known to bring a blanket with her, haha.  So saying a sweater is a must is a true statement.  I also now know (from a previous experience) that dresses do not fair well in the theater.  Trying to sit down with your hands full of napkins, popcorn and drinks proves to be difficult, while also trying to keep your backside covered as you pull the seat down.  This is where a friend comes in handy, to either put your seat down for you, or grab your snacks as you do so.
There is a cheap theater about 20 minutes from where I live that we like to go to when possible.  They sell these buckets that you can bring back during the week and get free popcorn!  Woohoo!  Their snacks are also really affordable, so it's nice to go and not have to sneak bags of candy in via your purse, haha.
Aaand, obviously I want to be dressed in comfy clothes, since you'll be spending the next 2 hours sitting in one spot.  What do you wear to the movies?  Link up with your own outfit over on Nicole's blog, and check out what other gals are wearing.
outfit details -->
glasses & bucket- theater
t-shirt- Threadless
sweater, leggings & earrings- thrifted
shorts- old jeans bought from...?
shoes- Target


  1. this outfit is adorable and perfect for the movies! love the shirt =}

  2. These photos are great! I love that shirt...and those glasses are amazeballs!

  3. Haha- I love your theme here from the cute tee to the loyalty popcorn bucket :) You look perfect for the movies- comfy and fun!

    1. why thank you! kind of hoping for a good movie to come out soon; itching to go.

  4. Haha, love the shirt! I always bring a huge oversized cardigan as a blanket and a huge scarf haha! And shoes that are easy to take off when the lights go off ;)

  5. love your tights!! I never understood why theaters are so cold!!

  6. That shirt is phenomenal. Bahaha. It made me smile.

    You look adorable. That's a perfect movie outfit. I agree that comfort is always important when sitting for hours is on the schedule.


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