October 03, 2013

what to wear~ polka dots

Ta-da!  Short hair!  I loved it for the first few days, but right at this moment I'm not...it will probably be okay again tomorrow; it's just weird figuring out how my hair behaves short.
Also, I don't own many polka dots...at all.  This skirt and shoes are just about the only thing, minus a dingy top that I left out, and a scarf.  Huh, perhaps I need to invest in some more dots.
I made a few yard mushrooms from some little jello tins a while back, but I just painted the dots on them a few days ago.  They now look complete, & I love them!  It was a good way to pretty up some yucky poles sticking out of our yard, haha.
outfit details -->
t-shirt- thrifted
skirt- Kohl's
tights- ?
shoes- Payless
glasses- Coastal
necklace- Jewel Mint

Pop on over to Nicole's blog to link up with your polka dots, and check out the other fab outfits!


  1. Adorable outfit. And I love your hair! it really looks adorable on you. =}

  2. I am in love with your short hair! It's amazing. So, so, SOOOOO cute.
    What's up with our wardrobes lacking polka dots!? I think we need to remedy this situation.

    1. thanks lady! i do need to buy more polka dots now...

  3. Your hair looks like cute and fresh! I really like it, and I really like your outfit. That skirt looks so delicate and comfortable

  4. Wauw such a difference, it's beautiful though! A little feisty :) And love the skirt!

  5. Love that skirt and your hair looks so good!


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