October 21, 2013

fudgy vegan brownies

As you may recall, I'm currently floating between vegetarian and vegan...trying to find my balance and still able to eat things I love without being too crazy picky.  All I really care about really is the ethical treatment of animals (peta!), and I'm trying to avoid eating any part of them.  I'm back and forth on things containing milk, but I'd prefer not to have it, and please no eggs unless they're from humanly raised chickens (cant wait till next spring when we hopefully get our own chicks & there won't be a thing to worry about anymore!)!
Here I'm cheating a bit, having vegan brownies with very obviously non-vegan ice cream, haha.  Ah, my hubby required the ice cream, and I couldn't turn it down; what can I say.  Anyway, I found this mouth-watering recipe here, and thought I'd better share it with you.  Even if you're not vegetarian or vegan, they're super yummy and fudgy, and oh-so-good.  Better than the out-of-the-box kind for sure!
I was a little worried while baking these brownies, because they appeared really soupy for quite some time in the oven, but they eventually came out right.  I'm pretty sure my oven runs at a lower temp than what it says too, because we almost always have to bake things longer than the allotted time.  Just make sure you use the toothpick check and you'll be golden.
These pics were from leftovers of the previous evening, and lemme tell ya, these suckers make a great breakfast with a cup of coffee, hehe!  Make sure you click the link and hop on over to Whipped to get the recipe!


  1. I'm not much of a baker, but I would LOVE to try these. I'd love to surprise D and see if he can tell they're vegan ;)

  2. Replies
    1. hah! flippin' amazing; wish I had some left for the morning!


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