October 18, 2013

food & beer friday~ evolutionary ipa

Happy Friday!!  I snatched this beer up at D&W the other day not knowing a thing about it, other than it was in a can, and an IPA.  Good enough for me, so I bought it.  It was delish!  Two Beers Brewing Co. is based out of Seattle Washington, and started up in 2007.  Currently they distribute in Washington, Alaska, Oregon, Idaho, Michigan, and Vancouver, BC.  If you're in any of those locations, I recommend trying out their beer!
I tried Evolutionary IPA, paired with some popcorn sprinkled with Lowry's seasoning salt.  It was a mighty satisfying snack.  Coming in at 6.2%ABV, it's slightly more hefty than the norm, but not crazy.  It has a really nice, rich color to it, and a terrific hops flavor.
The brewery is all about the outdoors, and they have a great philosophy; take a look:
"One night, founder Joel VandenBrink found himself in a disagreement with a friend, so they headed to a local pub to talk it through. Down went one pint, then another. As the second pint disappeared, a true and honest conversation conspired. As the two walked out of the bar, Joel looked at his friend and said, “I guess life is just a little more honest after two beers.”
We brew because we believe if we all take some time, we will see things a bit more clearly. The daily grind will become less, the pace of life will slow and friendships can be enjoyed. Cheers, and may you find what we have found to be true – that life’s a little more honest after two beers."

I'd love to visit the brewery someday; they have food truck Fridays!  OMG, love me some food trucks, haha!

Have a great Friday, everyone!  What have you been sipping on?

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