October 22, 2013

autumn beach trip

This past week Mike and I enjoyed a little stay-cation.  We did a bunch of stuff around the house that has been neglected, and just plain sat around, while eating and drinking too much, haha.  During that time, we also took a quick trip to one of the beaches of Lake Michigan to do some scouting and hunting for treasures.  The wind was really blowing, and the waves were around 7 feet high (pretty big for a lake!).  It was really cold, and I wished I had some tissues in my pocket, but it was a really fun time!
I'm always pretty creeped out when I find a deserted pair of shoes on the beach...*shudder*
See the little lady but clinging to the stick amongst the shells?
Some fish bones...
These little suckers were in every nook and cranny they could find!
After taking too much time to focus my camera and not paying attention to the water coming in, my soaked shoes were what I had to show for my efforts, blech.
...Okay, and this photo. :)
Beautiful!  What's the weather like where you are??  I heard the word *snow* a couple times in the last few dasy, but praying it will hold off a little longer; eep!

Hope you all have a good Tuesday!

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  1. That looks like a fun day, those ladybugs are too funny haha. And you guys are so cute together!


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