October 11, 2013

and now for something completely different

Well, maybe not completely different.  I suppose I could have titled this "Three trips and a lot of pictures...and some links" as well.  Really, I've just been putting off recaping my mini-vacas, and it's been so long ago now that I'm grouping them all together.  I didn't have a Food & Beer Friday post ready, so instead of throwing one together and taking some bad pics, you get this!

At the bottom, you'll find some links to a few interesting things too, so if you want to skip the pics, at least scroll down and click!
I took a day trip with my mother-in-law and sister-in-law to Shipshewana.  It's a giant flea market full of things you don't need but want anyway.  I got super excited when I saw a 30-pack of colored Sharpies for $2, but upon looking closer, realized they're called "Shoupies."  haha.  Along with that, I saw a Jumbo Butt Bucket, bags of "cereal" that were straight-up marshmallows, and lots of heads in a row.
At the beginning of September, Mike and I took a day trip to Chicago!  We went for the Renegade Craft Fair, which was pretty amazing.  Tons of artist and beautiful work!  While in Chicago, we also got to visit Lush.  I was pretty pumped about that, since I've only ever shopped online.  Ooh, and we went to Navy Pier to ride the ferris wheel, which we ended up getting stuck at the top on for a while, so our ride was even longer, yea!
While stuck at the top, this happened.  Why not?! ;)
Aaaand, last but not least, we took a mini vaca this past weekend with our friends up to Traverse City to do some wine tasting.  We're a pretty classy bunch, haha.  There was a food truck at one of the wineries!  Woot-woot!

...and some awesome-looking mushrooms.


Did anyone else participate or know about Hi, Juno?  NASA's Juno spacecraft flew by earth for the last time on its five year treck to Jupiter yesterday, and you could say "hi" with morse code & post to instagram. :)

An interview with a local restaurant owner (love this place).

Brides throwing cats --> oh, my. Thanks, Mariia for that funny link.

These earrings are perfectly creepy.

Yesssss!  Check out these pet costumes!


  1. Fun post! Awesome that you went to renegade (and that you visited lush!! :D).


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