September 26, 2013

what's in my wardrobe~ punkin' legs

This will be my last outfit post with long hair for a while.  Yup, you heard that right; today I'm going under the scissors of my fav hair stylist and friend.  I'm still super unsure, but what the heck; why not?  I told myself if she had an opening within the next two days I'd go for it, and she did.  I do have a post or two with long hair photos left, so you may see some throw-backs now and again. 
How did I wear my hair on its last day of existence?  Dirty and in a bun, haha.  Hey, it was a day off, and to be fair I did bathe.  I figured it'd be better to wash the day of my cut, and I don't like washing it too often; that's how I roll.
I've found a few shweet thrift finds lately in the clothing department; one being this sweater dress!  I'm super happy I found it!  Just in time too; it's so autumn-y (That's a word, right?  No?  Well it is now.).  I also busted out some tights for the first time this season; woo!  The need for some purple tights has been eating the back of my mind lately, and I have the feeling they're not too far off in my future.
outfit details-
earrings & sweater dress- thrifted (Forever 21 tag)
tights- Target
shoes- Payless
glasses- Coastal

So yup!  There's my day off outfit!  I kind of love days off, when I can wear a dress or some nice clothes if I want and not have to worry about getting super dirty like when I'm at work.  The clothes I wear pretty much affects my mood and how I feel, haha.  How 'bout you?


  1. This outfit is super duper cute! And I totally agree clothing definitely effects my moods and how I feel.
    And good luck with your hair! I bet it will look amazing! a few weeks ago now I took the plunge and had my hair cut short and I love it. It is so easy to maintain now, and it seems to stay cleaner so much longer between washes, which I love. Can't wait to see your new hair!

  2. Ooh- I can't wait to see your new do! Love the dress!

  3. Punkin legs are awesome :) That's a great outfit!


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