September 24, 2013

what's in my wardrobe~ checkered soda

I wore this outfit to work yesterday.  Nothing too special about it, really, but it's sort of a fun one.  I don't own many pairs of pants...I tend to lean towards buying tops-- shirts, sweaters, and dresses/ skirts.  Why I don't shop for pants more often beats me; I think they're just too hard to find the perfect fit, so I don't bother looking.  I'd really like some more options, though.
This pair of pants was a rare thrift store find that actually fits!  Granted they are a little shorter than I prefer, but overall a win!  I used to wear plaid pants all the time.  I went to a high school that didn't allow jeans, and I was a dress hater at that point in my life, so I kept it interesting with plaid, stripes, and camo pants.
outift details -->
sweater, pants, and tank top- thrifted
t-shirt- Threadless
shoes- Toms
glasses- Coastal
This is the second year I think I've actually liked wearing dresses, and I pretty much have to give that credit to blogging.  My love for them would never have appeared if I hadn't discovered you can be stylish and wear a dress, hehe.  I grew up on hand-me-down dresses with shoulder pads with giant flower prints and large collars, ha!  It was totally nice of the donors, and I should be thankful (I am now, maybe not -so-much back then) for the use of their clothing.
Enough about dresses, I'm not even wearing one in this pic, haha.  Check out these totally rad earring I just scored at the thrift store!  They're wooden hoops, woo!  I've kind of had my eye out for some large-ish wooden earrings, so I was pretty happy to find these for only $1!  I've been wearing them like crazy ever since.
So you probably can't even tell, which makes me sad, but I colored my hair purple.  I've been reading up on Kaylah's hair care tip posts on how to bleach your hair out to color it fun and vibrant colors.  I'm toying with the idea, but it also freaks me out a bit, so I decided to just put the purple on over my brown hair before deciding to go full-blown.  It was really pretty for the first two days, but then I had to wash it again, and it's faded like crazy already.  I really like the idea of pastel hair; let's see if I'm brave enough to give it a go...
I'm also considering chopping my hair off, but I'm undecided about that as well...on one hand it would be fun to try something new, and make it way easier if I did want to color it.  On the other hand though, my hair is sort of my security blanket in a way, and I think I'd feel way more exposed and naked without it!  I literally hide behind it sometimes, haha.  Ooh, and I really want my lip pierced; I think I'm just in the mood for some changes.  Too bad my work doesn't allow it.
It's about time for some new shoes, eh?  These Toms are sooo beat up; they have holes in each of the toes, and the backs of both are blown out, yet I keep wearing them, haha.  I'm keeping my eye out for some comfy shoes I can wear with skinny jeans, though.  Any suggestions??

Now that I've chattered on for far too long, I best be going.  I need to get a run in before heading to work.  Hope you have a lovely day!

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