September 05, 2013

what to wear~ to a baby shower

So guess what?  These boots?  The ones I gave to my Dad after my self-leather ban because I thought he wanted them?  Turns out he may have just been kidding, aaaand he's purging himself of things because of an upcoming move, so he gave them back (not in a bad way, he's just getting rid of crap, so I'm "hanging onto them for him").  After a closer look (well, a first look, really) it turns out these babies aren't real leather after all!  I'm still seriously doubting it, but the tag says man made materials, so I'm going with it because I love them.  Welcome back boots, welcome back.
Confession-- I sort of hate showers.  Like, the ones where you go hang out, play games, and eat.  Not the ones with water where you get clean...although I do shower less because it got pretty boring, but that's another story.  I mean, you only go to them because you're obviously pretty close to whoever it's held for, so you go out of love and to give them stuff because they're awesome, and it's fun to hang out, but really who likes those things?  I don't mean to be Negative Nancy, just being honest and seeing if anyone else will fess up with me about the whole situation.  Why do only females have to be subjected to these things?  Why?  I know there are couples showers, but I've never been a part of one.  It's just like an implied thing that we have to go through, and everyone knows the routine; chat, games, eat, gifts, home.  Haha, I'm a horrible person, right?  It is pretty amazing having one for yourself though, so we all have to share the love I suppose.
This is something I would wear to a baby shower; something girly yet comfy. Yep.

Hop on over to Nicole's blog to see what others wear to baby showers!  Wanna link up too?  The more the merrier!  Feel like joining in next time?  What to Wear to a bookstore is happening September 19.

**oops!  totally had this scheduled to go up this morning, (I thought) but it was scheduled for next month!  haha, my bad.**


  1. The print of the dress is so cute, I love the colors!
    I've never been to a shower, but I have a feeling I'm probably on the same page you are with them. I don't really like those types of events.

  2. Such a pretty dress, love the colours! Baby showers don't exist in Belgium.. We only give gifts when the baby is actually born. So I don't really know if I would like them :p

  3. I'm with you. No to baby showers, no to bridal showers. Yes to getting clean in the shower.
    Love the boots!

  4. Oh! I have that dress! I don't wear it enough, but it looks lovely with those boots, so it might be a good excuse to get some fall boots! ;)


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