September 30, 2013


Winter Salad #Vegan
I've been toying with the idea of going vegan lately.  I think I'm going to settle on being somewhere in between vegetarian and vegan though.  Vegan-tarian if you will-- since it would be super rough to be straight-up vegan.  There are so many things you can't have.

What brought this on is cheese.  I love.  Cheese.  It's amazing stuff, as I'm sure you know.  There's this thing in cheese though-- this little thing that's kind of a big deal...and I don't want to be a part of.  It's called rennet.  You may have heard of it; maybe not.  What it is is really's the inner lining of an infant grazing calf's stomach.  In my cheese.  Yuck.  Since I don't eat meat anyway, why would I want to eat a baby cow's tummy?  I certainly don't.  I've been reading labels for a while making sure my cheese doesn't contain the stuff, not realizing what "enzymes" were.  Turns out that's just another term for rennet, and these enzymes are in pretty much all cheese, with the exception of a few.  You can find vegetable-based enzymes & rennet, which I'm thankful for, and why I say I probably won't go completely vegan.

I get the "how do you get protein" question all the time when talking with people about being a veg.  Here are some answers!  Yay!  (for photo sources, click on them & it will take you to my pinterest page; from there you can follow the links to source.)

Vegan protein

Then there's the milk and eggs topic.  I really don't enjoy eating eggs by themselves anyway, but I still buy them for using in things.  I only buy them from my local health food store though, where I can be sure they came from a reliable, humane source.  I'm also hoping to get chickens in the spring, so I will definitely be able to eat my own eggs on good conscience knowing how they're treated because I'll be raising them!  Can't wait to have little fuzz-balls running around!

I'm actually kind of stressed/ anxious about the whole thing...I just wish animals didn't have to be in bloody everything we eat. 

So, yah, there's my little food talk for Monday!  What issues are you all facing with food?

Vegan food pyramid

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