September 18, 2013

mid week boost

This past week I got an invite from my brother to join him and my nieces on a walk.  They had been trying to think of ways to help people, and one of my nieces suggested picking up garbage!  So we met, armed with gloves and plastic bags, and had fun picking up trash together.  We each got a bag full, and didn't even walk that far; kind of sad if you think about it, but it was nice to help out.  If we all just chip in a little at a time, think about the difference we could make!
We took a break at the end to chill and take some silly pics.  Love these people. :)
I heard this song while on a run the day after we did this, and it's suuuper fitting!  I'd heard it a bajillion times before, but it was nice to have the connection of what we had just done.
What things, big or small, have you done to help out lately?  More ideas to keep this ball rolling would be great!


  1. I love this! This morning the woman in front of me bought my coffee, so I plan on doing the same next time I go!


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