September 09, 2013

let's eat~ breakfast bars

My favorite-est friend Hannah's Mom made these breakfast bars for a wedding prep party a few months ago for Hannah's wedding, and they're ridiculously good.  Everyone was raving about her famous bars, which sort of just made me assume it was some sort of secret family recipe so I didn't bother to ask for it.  Months later, the bars still crossed my mind from time to time, and thougth they'd be good for a road trip, so I asked Hannah if I could snag the recipe from her (being it wouldn't commit any family sin).  Turns out it came from a recipe book, and to my delight, wasn't a secret at all!
I tempted you on Friday with a few sneak peaks of these bars, along with my beer from Food & Beer Friday.  Now, here's the link to the recipe!

If molasses, chocolate, dried cherries, oatmeal, & nuts strike your fancy at all, you may want ot check this recipe out!  Just click on over to get all the deets!  The only thing I changed was putting pecans in instead of walnuts, just because that's what I already had in the house.  Try these, you'll love them!

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