September 27, 2013

food & beer friday~ willpower

I stopped in a tiny new-ish beer store last night in hopes to find a particular beer.  It was super small, and didn't have much to choose from, but what they did have was all good stuff.  What I ended up walking out with was this beer by Right Brain Brewery out of Traverse City, Michigan-- Willpower.  It's a light ABV pale ale, coming in at 4.2%.  It was surprisingly hoppy, and super thirst-quenching after my long day at work.
Mike and I were able to visit Right Brain a few years ago on one of our anniversary trips.  It started out as a wine tasting trip, but quickly turned into an even mix of beer and wine visits as there were a ton of breweries up there!  It was kind of funny, because it was connected to a hair salon, and there was a giant window between the two businesses, where a counter met up and you could sit there gazing into the salon.  I was kind of thankful we were there at night and the salon was closed, so we didn't have to awkwardly share gazes with people getting their hair done.  I've heard that it's since moved, so I look forward to visiting it again in its new location, haha!

I hope you're having a good Friday, and may the rest of your weekend be just as pleasant!

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  1. I've been wanting to go to Left Brain! I was in TC earlier this summer but all we did was wine tours. I did try some beer from Perrin brewery which I loved. Have you tried their stuff yet?


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