August 08, 2013

what to wear~ during a thunderstorm

I had a bit of fun with editing these photos; I'm loving the rainbow overlay! 
It was raining when these were taken, but it was sort of sunny and not a real "thunderstorm."  When I think of storms, I just want to be in comfy clothes on the couch with Mike and some drinks, or in bed under the covers.  Something about storms are so relaxing & peaceful.  Obvi Mike wasn't with me in these pics, and all I had to drink was water (it was early folks, and I still had to work that day, hehe).
Oh, if the storm is bad, I always grab my fraidy-cat flashlight from Modcloth and have it by my side in case the power goes out (I just checked & it's no longer available! :(  sad, it's pretty sweet).  Lately we've had several power outages, and I'm grateful we have candles scattered about the house that we gather onto the coffee table, almost like a little campfire.  Add some whiskey and good talks; peachy keen!
outfit details:
shirt, cardigan & earrings- thrifted // skirt- Kohl's // socks- Target // glasses- Coastal // umbrella- unclaimed lost & found @ work
Link up with your thunderstorm outfit over on Nicole's blog, and check out the other outfits while you're there!  August 22 we'll be wearing our music festival threads if you want to get a jump start & join.  Happy Thursday!


  1. I love the last photo, although you do know you have years of bad luck now, right? ;)

    I usually avoid storms and stay inside, as well. I'm a lover of a good book and a cup of tea when the rain is falling and the skies are a thundering.

    1. crap! I know! haha, oh well, all for the pictures right?! :P

  2. I agree storms are really calming usually! We also have many power outages here when we get storms and having candles around is great.
    Super cute outfit! =}

  3. Love that skirt and those socks! These pics are awesome- I really like the editing you did!


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