August 03, 2013

mini-bedroom makeover

I swear it was Mike who put the idea in my head, but I can't be certain.  All I know is I really wanted to change our bedroom decor up a bit.  The main reason being these hideous curtains made by yours truly.  When we first moved in, there were some even more hideous, long, pink floral ones up that absolutely had to go.  So, I made these...but guys, I'm really no sew-er, and didn't know what I was doing (obvi).  I mean, they weren't terrible, and we lived with them for quite a while, but they're seriously sheer, which is not cool when you want to have your lights on at night and are worried about creepers.
So the hunt was on, not only for new curtains, but for new bedding as well.  Why not change it all up?  We'd had this duvet since we got married 7 years ago, and while it's still okay, it's not really my style anymore, and it's gotten a little dingy.
Honestly I could have bought several different bedspreads and been happy with any of them, but the one I really fell in love with was this one from Anthropology.  I kept coming back to it, and didn't like any of the other ones better than it, but I could not justify spending $248 on a duvet.  gah!! 
Sooo, I finally decided to just make my own.  I know, sounds like a bad idea with what I just told you about the curtains, right?  Well it didn't turn out so bad.  I decided to just go with two vintage sheets put together with a nice warm liner in-between, and some of that baby blanket silky stuff around the edges.  I mean, that fancy expensive duvet sort of just looks likes sheets anyway, and this was only around $30 to make!
Oh, and I also got the crazy idea to paint polka dots on my ceiling, and make and hang some banner thingys...which I'm still not completely sold on yet...but they're growing on me.  The dots are sweet though.  You may remember me making these banners in my What to Wear While Crafting segment; well here they are!
I'm happy to report that the new duvet is Yoda approved... :)  I got two mismatched sheets so it can be reversable, and two different pillow cases to spice things up a bit.  I think I want to jazz up the blue one still with a heart patch or something, but we'll see.
My jewelry display is still being morphed into something new...that pegboard took a poo, so I have a newer, cuter one in its place now, and I'm about to revamp the wooden hanging thing with some new wire in place of that sagging string holding my earrings.  What can I say, there's always something else to be done!

Now if I could just keep my room clean.... :)

Hoping you all have a good weekend, peace!


  1. Ohh the new duvet you made is gorgeous! It really looks like it was storebought. I wish I could do that. And I think the banners look pretty festive and fun.


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