August 28, 2013

mid week boost #9

Hi guys, thanks for sticking with me; through my rough patches and talks of quitting, I'm really not ready to give this place up.  It's just so crazy how when you miss a day, it's easy to miss another, and another, and...
Anyway, I really love it, so I'm here. :)  Here are a few messages that speak to me lately... hope you can get something from them as well.  There's also a song at the bottom that my manager just told me about, and he insisted that I look up; I'm glad he did.  It's great, and I hope you listen to it as well; pretty much was crying by the end.  Sometimes I dance similarly in my backyard or my living room.  It's good to let loose.  peace, have a great hump day.

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  1. And a Wonderful Wednesday to you as well! Glad to see you're still "here" blogging on! Is. 46:4...great promises to cling to! Love you, dear daughter! ~mom


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