August 01, 2013

July photo an hour

Hi all!  So far my goal of not doing much on my day off is a success!  haha, I slept until noon!  Whaaaat?  That never happens, but it felt so good.  So this is definitely getting to you later than I would like, but hey, better late than never. 
I decided to document my anniversary, July 22, in photos.  While Mike was busy working the first part of the day, I met a friend who was visiting from far far away & we had an amazing time together!  Since I've waited a little too long to post these, I've lost my paper that told me the order and times, but I think I've got a pretty good handle on it...
Time for a quick run to start the day!
Even though I was meeting my friend for coffee & cupcakes, I sort of need coffee when I first wake up, or I'm basically screwed the rest of the day...
We went to a scrumptious cupcake shop and each picked out three, then went to a nearby park to indulge and have some girl time.  It was a little windy, so our hair went up and things got serious folks.
The last and best of our cupcakes, right before they served their purpose.
Thrifting!  We found a few treasures, including some friendship morton salt mugs.
When we left the thrift store, we realized how extremely parched we were, and stopped by a convenience store for some vitamin water.
On my way home, I fulfilled a recent desire to buy comic books.  I don't know what's gotten into me, but I had a crazy thought that I would like them...I was pretty intimidated going into the store alone, since I have no idea what I'm doing or what to look for, but I walked out with three!  So far, so good!
Afternoon snack of some chips & salsa, and good ol' water.
Mr. Moss is groggy after just having woken up from a nap.
I decided (a little too late...) to make a jello salad for Mike and I to enjoy for our anniversary when he got home.  Actually, it ended up setting up enough to enjoy a piece that night.  (see recipe here)
Mike's home from work!  We enjoyed a Canadian beer together.
7 years for this couple!  mooah! :)


  1. <3 Congrats again!!!

    About comic books, I remember reading them as a kid at the barber shop when my brother needed a haircut! Pretty easy reads...wham, bam, zowie (That was probably from a Batman or Superman comic book)! Then we always got a gumball after his haircut. Fun memories! These things were a big deal back in the day!

    Glad you had time w/ Jo! :D

    1. haha, yup! That's about what they're like! :) I like them! Fun memories of comic books & gumballs; so cute!

  2. Congratulations!!! I can only hope to reach seven years myself :D Love the cupcake pictures haha. Which comic books did you buy?? I find all of those different series so confusing so for now I'm just sticking with the walking dead haha :p xo

    1. Thanks, you can do it too, haha!

      I bought a couple superman comic books that look like they're more for kids than adults, and a cat-woman one which I have yet to read. Starting out small. :)


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