August 16, 2013

food & beer friday~ two hearted ale

This is quite possibly and almost certainly my favorite beer.  Mike always says he hasn't had an IPA that surpasses Two Hearted, and I agree.  I may be a bit partial because it's one of the beers I think I've been drinking the longest, it's from my hometown (Kalamazoo, MI- Bell's Brewery, woot woot!), and my hubby works for the company now. :)  Buuuut, seriously it's the best.
I've been trying to figure out since Wednesday how I was going to take decent pics for this weeks post.  I'm working four late nights in a row, which means I either have to day drink before going into work (not a good idea, haha), or take pics inside when I got home.  I really hate doing pictures inside, because I have terrible lighting, yadda yadda, but I settled for that versus the alternative.
As described by Bell's website:
At 7% ABV, it's not insanely strong, but it's an easy drinker and can knock your socks off if you're not careful.  If you're ever in the Kalamazoo area, I certainly recommend hitting up the brewery; it's my favorite hang out.  It has an amazingly chill atmosphere with no tvs; just good beer, great food and company!  The "beer garden" in the summer is great; just patches of plants and grass with some picnic tables to enjoy nature while sipping.  There are really amazing vegetarian options as well, so huge bonus there!  Hit me up & I'll come with you, haha!

I wonder what Kristin's reviewing this week?  Head on over to her blog to find out!  Link up with us below as well, we love meeting new people and discovering different brews!

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  1. My husband and I love beer! It's so cool that you're from K-Zoo. We call Grand Rapids home - and we're loving all the great breweries that are popping up everywhere!


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