August 09, 2013

food & beer friday~ resin

I was half-heartedly hoping to find Strawberry Shortscake by Shorts Brewing Co. when I went into the beer store yesterday to pick up a brew for today.  I know I've already featured at least two if not more beers by Shorts, but they are one of my favorite breweries!  They're always coming up with interesting flavors that I'm so curious to try I can't say no.  Well the strawberry beer is a summer seasonal, and needless to say I was two days late.  Instead I browsed a bit and found this one, a beer by Sixpoint in New York.  It comes in a funny can; tall and skinny like an energy drink.  I really had no idea what type of beer this was; it didn't say too much on the can (& I didn't study it hard enough).  Well, I wasn't expecting another IPA, and I'm really not sure if this actually is one, but we have another hoppy beer folks.
Let me take that Mike's words..."It's super bitter and boozy; hardly any hop flavor whatsoever."  I think I mistake that bitter flavor for I think anything bitter is hop flavored; I guess I like bitter beers??  This wasn't amazing or anything, but it was good.  I had a few with some vegetarian tacos for dinner, and it was quite scrumptious.  The ABV on this bad boy is 9.1%, and the IBU (international bittering unit) comes to 103.  Interesting beer, and I'm glad I tried it, plus it has a pretty snazzy can design.

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