July 04, 2013

what's in my wardrobe~ swingin' bright

Mike recently built & hung this tree swing for me in our backyard!  It had been on my house wish-list since we moved in almost a year ago, and I'm so excited to have one now!  It has since rained a ton, and the rope must have shrunk somehow, so it's pretty high and slightly crooked now, but I think it's fixable (the crooked part at least, I think it's just plain high for good now!  That's okay though, it's kinda fun that way).
Target has some pretty fantastic v-neck t-shirts!  I picked up two different colors on sale the other day; this one & the one I wore for What to Wear last Thursday.  I normally don't like t-shirts all that much, but if it's in the form of a v-one I do!

What's everyone doing for the holiday today (if you live in the states, that is)?  What day are you celebrating?  I'm a bit confused this year since it's in the middle of the week...celebrate all week?? :)  Whatever you do, I hope it's fun!!  Mike's working all day, so I think I'll just relax and maybe do a little baking, & some house and craft projects.  Ooh, and I might get some pop-rocks and have a little firework show in my mouth, hehe!

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  1. I love that colour on you, so fun. And I wish I had a swing. We don't have any good trees for it unfortunately. I've been waiting on a hammock for years though haha


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