July 09, 2013

what's in my wardrobe~ socks, glitter, and that coral top again

This morning it's foggy out, the birds are chirping, and the heat has not quite yet taken control of the day.  It hasn't been overwhelmingly hot, but it sure has been sticky around here, as I'm sure you have been too. 
This week I figured out how to do my hair in a sock bun!  Youtube is a great thing at times; you can learn how to do anything on there.  I just looked it up, watched about two different tutorials, and put my old monkey sock to work.  I've since rocked it out a few times, though I'm still not completely sold on the look.  It's a little too neat and clean-looking for me, as I'm more of a fan of the messy, organic looks, but it was fun to try.
Some silly photos are the result of having been alone all day, a few beers, boredom, and just going a little crazy.  They make for the best ones though, sometimes, right?
Love my gold sparkly shoes from my darling friend Hannah's wedding.

I'm off to hopefully have a relaxing day and get a finish up a few projects around the house.  What are you up to today?  Hope it's a great Tuesday!

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  1. I totally agree that sometimes the best pictures are after a drink or two! They're not in my pictures, but I definitely feel more comfortable after some beer. :) The sock bun looks good on you! I like messy looks too, but I can't wait for my hair to get longer just to try.


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