July 23, 2013

what's in my wardrobe~ birds of a feather

This past Friday night we had a wicked storm come through (our neighbor claims it was a tornado; Mike begs to differ).  Our friends were just leaving as it was starting to downpour, and moments after they were gone our power went out.  Of all the places Mike and I have lived together (3 apartments, and now our house) this is the place we lose power the most.  It made sense with this storm though; it was a rough one, and our power wasn't restored until Sunday morning.  We were fine, just really hot without our fan or air conditioning.
With the strong winds came down lots of trees and branches all over town; two of which fell into our backyard from our neighbors side.  Sooo, Saturday was spent chopping the remaining dangling part off, then up into bits.  I went and bought a wheelbarrow and put it together while Mike got started, and hauled it back and forth building this nice little wood pile in front of my swing (forgetting that it still needs to be split- doh!).  We're now looking forward to many many backyard bonfires!
outfit details:
dress- Charlotte Russe
leggings- F21?
sandals- Target
glasses- Coastal
It's back to work for me today after my long weekend.  Hope you all are having a good week so far!

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