July 11, 2013

what to wear~ while wine tasting

It's What to Wear time!  Wine tasting is what we're dressing for this week, and I've got something a little different than my usual for you.  I have not one outfit, but four to show you today.  Say whaaa?  Please excuse my horrible photography this week; it's quite embarrassing really, but these are all cell phone pics from my not-so-nice phone.  Anyway, that's what you get when you're on the go and don't carry your chunky camera everywhere.
My first outfit is what I actually wore wine tasting a few months ago for my friend's bachelorette party.  I did a post on our fun trip that you can check out if you want to read more about it.  I bought this dress from Modcloth for something fun and new to wear, and I really like it!  What really sold me on it though while searching for the perfect dress, is that it's fair trade and made by women from India and Napal employed by Meta Traders (read more about it here in the dress description).
typical bathroom selfie
Mike and I have a wedding anniversary coming up in 10 days (7 years!), and this year we're trying to save a little moolah by not going anywhere overnight (i.e.- expensive hotel rates).  This means day trips, in which we decided to include wine tasting!  We're fortunate enough to live in Michigan, which is surrounded by the Great Lakes.  This, combined with super fertile soil make for great grape-growing conditions, which means lots of wineries!  Wine tasting is one of our favorite things to do together, so I know we're going to have a great time. 
Ugh, too much talking, sorry.  All this said to tell you I wanted to get a new dress for the occasion, and went to Target on my lunch hour one day to try a few on.  I was in a bit of a hurry, and probably should've waited and thought about it a while before buying one, but I didn't.  I'm not going to tell you which one I got, so it's a surprise for Mike, so I'll leave you guessing...
long, dark, and sex-aaay gray maxi with deep v-cut out in the back.
sophisticated but flirty; a light tan dress with neon yellow polka dots & belt.
cute and playful; bright blue with little birdie print and heart cut-out in back.
So which one would you pick?!  I'll let you guys know later which one I decided on. :)

Head over to Nicole's blog throughout the day to see what everyone else is wearing while getting their wine on!  Link up as well if you'd like!  Join us later this month when we dress for camping on July 25.


  1. I love the last one!! The colour is great, the pattern is cute and the heart cut out is just over the top! So great. I can't wait to find out which one you chose. AND congrats on the anniversary! Seven years, my goodness, look at you guys go!

  2. Ooh, I'm so curious :) I'm drawn to the tan with neon yellow, but they are great and perfect for a day trip wine tasting. Happy anniversary- have fun!

  3. All three are super cute, but I vote the first one (the long one with the dramatic back). It looks a bit different from the rest of your wardrobe without looking out of place in your closet. All of them are absolutely adorable, though! Congrats on seven years!

  4. I love all of them! I hope you have a great anniversary! =)


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