July 25, 2013

what to wear~ camping

Summer is for camping, and this week we're showing you what to wear while doing so!  I haven't yet been camping this year, so I pulled out a few pictures from past years (aka I was too lazy to get dressed up and take new photos). 
This first picture is from a backpacking trip with Mike at least three years ago.  Things were down and dirty, so we dressed for practicality, wearing bandanas on our heads and occasionally dipping them into the river before slapping them back on to cool off.  This was a fun trip, but so hard!  I hadn't trained at all, and got so worn out.
I've featured this pic from last year's summer vacation on here before.  Turns out I don't dress all that differently while camping than any other day (with the exception of the first pic...).  If I'm not up to anything too crazy, it's regular clothes for me, and this dress paired with leggings is super comfy and great for warm weather.
The point of our camping trip was to go to Cedar Point, a theme park about four hours away from home.  We went with our friends Steve and Hannah & had a great time.  It's always fun looking at your photo when you jump off of a ride, but it usually ends there.  This time however, we had to purchase our pic...I mean look!  HA!  Steve has been there so much, that he knows where all of the cameras are, so he gave us a heads up so we could all pose.  It's hard to see my outfit, but I had a dress/ long shirt on with jeans.  It had a lace back, and I got a pretty wicked burn pattern, hehe.

What do you wear while camping?  Something to keep in mind also is lots of bug spray, but duh.  I'm really hating mosquitoes this year.  boo.

Go check out Nicole's blog and the other link-ups to see more camping outfits, and join up with your own!  Next time on August 8, we're dressing for what to wear during a thunderstorm...should be interesting!


  1. Bug spray is definitely what you need to wear camping, gallons and gallons of it (maybe it only feels like gallons)! The mosquitoes and other awful biting blood sucking bugs seem to all be extremely bad this year.
    both of the outfits you showed are perfect for camping!

  2. I love your roller coaster pic! It's always fun to try and spot the camera to pose but sometimes I'm too scared :)


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