July 30, 2013

the eighteenth letter in the alphabet is R

For the past five years or so (I have a horrendous memory) I've been uber into recycling.  I never even thought about it really, until one day at work it hit me when I saw a trash can literally heaping over with plastic bags.  That was my light bulb moment, and I've been recycling ever since.  It's funny how such ignorant I was of a very important issue, but once I actually thought about it I was very much an advocate of it.
A few days ago, I received an email from Sophia of mysophcalledlife, wondering if I'd share some information with you that she's dug up about recycling.  I'm always up for learning new ways to improve and take care of the earth, so I agreed!  Below you'll find some facts that you'll hopefully find helpful and resourceful.  Thanks Sophia!
My first tattoo; a tree with the recycle symbol woven into the middle.  Also, a happy little mistake made by my niece with a blue marker, made for a really cute photo that implies she'd like one too. :)

5 Unknown Interesting Facts About Recycling

Recycling is something all of us should be familiar with by now. Of course, that doesn't
mean everyone is doing his or her part. The only way that keeps less of what we use
ending up in landfills is if we all do our part and recycle as much as we can.  And yes
of course there are things that cannot be recycled, but there is a lot that can be that go
unnoticed. Here are five things you might not have known about recycling that you can
start doing today and make a big difference in helping cleaning up this planet!

1. Recycle Your Jewelry
Jewelry is surely a girls best friends, and we have plenty of it- there is no denying that! 
But we also may have a lot laying around that we do not wear anymore and don’t know
what to do with it, well good news- it is very resourceful and can be reused, so recycle it! 
And it is also possible to purchase recycled fine jewelry for all the eco-friendly jewelry
lovers out there. A company such as Brilliant Earth uses recycled gold, silver, and
platinum for their engagement rings and other fine jewelry. Who knew that the necklace
around your neck or the ring on your finger came from recycled jewelry!

2. Best Buy Recycling Program
Compounds like mercury and cyanide exist in modern electronics. Throwing them into
a landfill ensures that the harmful materials are in the environment for decades where
they can leach into groundwater supplies. Best Buy has taken the extraordinary step of
accepting electronic waste products, no matter where they were purchased.

3. Recycle Your Mattress
Every few years most people will replace their old mattresses.  Many mattress companies
have started recycling mattresses and about 90 percent of the material in most mattresses
can be recycled. They can be recycled into clothing fibers, scrap metal, or foam products;
this creates new material to eliminate the need for other companies to purchase raw
materials.  Knowing you can recycle something that has such a large impact on the
environment just might let you sleep a little easier at night!

4. Aveda Bottle Cap Recycling
Personal Care Company Aveda introduced “Recycle Caps with Aveda” in 2008.
The Recycle Caps program accepts #5 plastic caps and/or lids for recycling.  They
accept twist-off #5 caps from shampoo, water, soda, milk and other beverage bottles,
lids from medication, flip top caps on tubes from toothpaste tubes and food bottles, food
production bottles (such as ketchup and mayonnaise), laundry detergent caps, and some
jar lids.

5. Why Should We Recycle?
Knowing what we know about the hazards of pollution and the rapid pace at which
landfills are getting full, not recycling is a disregard of our duties to the planet and
ourselves. Manufactures can reuse products and that cuts down on initial costs, as well as
damage to the environment.  We need to do everything we can to help, a little goes a far

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