July 06, 2013

photo an hour

It's time for photo an hour once again!  This is my 4th of July documented hour by hour in photos.
9am~  coffee will always be one of my first photos in photo an hour; it's just the right way to start any day.
10am~  time for a run!
11am~  after my run, I had some patriotic Greek yogurt; mmmm....
12pm~  Just picking up some essentials, you know.
1pm~  It was so bloody hot out, wowza.  I was looking for pop-rocks at the store, but couldn't find any and settled for these (which were really good!).  Oh, and my dashboard buddy the hippo.  I also stopped at a fireworks tent and bought some little ground sparkly things for later.
2pm~  When I got home I needed to hydrate from being so hot, and tried out my new water bottle.  It has this snazzy compartment inside to hold fruit & things to make infused water!  I put mint, raspberries, and cucumber inside; yum!  Also, check out how insanely tall my milkweed has gotten!  Remember when it was just a little guy?
haha, I had to include this GIF of Nuke; he was so hyper!  Let me know if it works for you...my computer won't let me view GIFs for some reason, but I was able to make this one..
3pm~  I decided to watch my favorite movie, Napoleon Dynamite while having a brew and finishing up some crafting.
4pm~  still crafting; I was using string and fabric, so Moss was very intrigued.  I'm lucky I didn't get attacked, really.
4pm~  With my craft project finished, I decided it was time to start another, which included some paint!
5pm~  in progress-  polka dot ceiling!
6pm~  I found this little bugger taking a nap wedged between a file cabinet and chair in my craft room.
8pm~  Working on washing a few dishes and eating some pop-rocks (I ended up finding some at another store, woohoo!  What's the 4th of July without pop-rocks??).
9pm~  Mike came home from work, and we lit off those little sparkly things I bought earlier in the day.  They were fun!  Ooh, and we ended up finding some of his oooold bottle rockets and shooting those off as well, since they're newly legal here in Michigan. :)

And there you have it!  That's how I spent my 4th of July.  What did you do?

p.s.~ It's International Kissing Day!  Make sure you give someone you love a bigfatjuicysmooch today! :)


  1. Yes! The gif works! So cute. Love your blog. Just stumbled across it! Can't wait to read more :)

    1. Yay! I'm glad you found me, hehe! glad to know you could view the GIF. :) My hubby fixed whatever was wrong with our computer and I can see them once again!

  2. Oh my god, I love the GIF! So adorable. Someone shot a bottle rocket on my foot on the 4th... Boys and their fireworks!


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