July 03, 2013

mid-week boost #1

Hello, and happy Wednesday friends!  I've come up with a bit of a schedule for myself & this blog, to help me keep on track and have somewhat of an organized system.  If for nothing else, my sanity. 
Today I'm starting my own little series called mid-week boost.  I can't say that I'll be consistent with it, or that I'll always find inspiring things every week, but I have some things now that I'd like to share now.  Hopefully these little bits will give you a pick-me-up, and see us through to the end of the week. :)  Let me know what you think of it, and if it stinks feel free to let me know, hehe!
Good reminder when I'm tempted by that candy bar!
dah!  so cute!  What a little helper, haha!
DIY Egg Carton Animal Noses
These little noses made from egg cartons are adorable!
She's stylin' and she knows it.
  • You may have noticed my blog looks a little different lately.  I ran across an amazing website that has tons of free templates, so I snatched up a few things and I love it!
  • It makes me so happy when I figure out how to do different things with my blog design, and this week I found a tutorial/ CSS code for photo width that worked wonderfully!  Ever notice those blogs where all their photos are all the same width & so nice and tidy?  I never knew how to make that work, so I searched and tried a few things.  Most of them were the same, and worked except that they changed everything, so all my little buttons got ginormous.  Not cool.  This tutorial worked wonders, and left everything else the original size.  Yay!
I hope you all have a good hump day!  I'm off today and can't wait to hit up a few thrift stores & get some things done around the house!


  1. I like it. I think we can all do with a little mid-week boost :-)

  2. This is a fun feature! And I love your new layout, the background is awesome.


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