July 31, 2013

mid week boost #5

It's Wednesday, and not only does that mean it's time for another mid week boost, but it means it's my last day of work before I get two days off!  Can I get a what-what?!  haha, I'm excited, and definitely could use the boost; I've been in a super long working stretch, almost to the point of tears (but not quite!), so I'm soooo ready for tomorrow.  I hope to do nothing the next two days but lounge around the house, and maybe tidy up a bit, and work on some much needed and forgot about projects.  I usually try to pack way too much into days off though, and they become somewhat stressful trying to get everything done; I'm hoping not to do that this time!
enjoy the journey.
This last one is such a great reminder.  Between all my to-do lists, I need to remember to just chill out and be...
Hoping you all have a great Wednesday!

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