July 24, 2013

mid-week boost #4

Wow, it's been...a little rough getting back into the grind of things from my long weekend.  Here's to the middle of the week, and hoping the rest goes smoothly, quickly, and with happy faces to greet us all without pulling our hair out and crying/ screaming and running for the door (is it just me??).
Thanks so much to all of you who read my blog; you're amazing.  This little part of my life has become such a big part of it, and I'm so thankful for it!  The only thing I wish for more of is comments!  If you're out there, let me know that you're here so I know that this is all for something, if not just for myself (which should be enough, I know, but it's nice to know that someone's out there...). :)  Happy Wednesday.


  1. Hey Sarah! I enjoy seeing/reading what is going on in your neck of the "exploring woods"! :D I like your idea of a nap...long on night, short on sleep! :/ Love you, dear daughter! ~mom

  2. Love these quotes. Such a good reminder to slow down and just be sometimes :)

  3. Just popping by for a mid-week boost. I'm here!


thanks for the comments; I love hearing from you!