July 01, 2013

let's eat~ veggie kabobs

With a spur-of-the moment/ it's dinner-time & we have nothing to eat moment the other night, Mike suggested we grill some veggie kabobs.  We had some peppers in the fridge that were almost on their way out, so a quick stop to the grocery produce department & we were on our way to a tasty dinner.  Don't you hate it when you neglect to buy groceries for say, 2 weeks, and you're left with going out, unhealthy choices, and scrambling to come up with something edible?  It drives me nuts, but so thankful we finally went real shopping yesterday!
 Our kabobs consisted of red and green peppers, mushrooms, red onion, zucchini, and some mixed mini potatoes.  Mike brushed on some olive oil and Italian seasoning, and grilled 'em up!  Yum yum!
I'm not positive I'd ever heard of purple potatoes (much less had them) before Kristin's post about her purple potato salad, but was super surprised and delighted when I bit into one of the mini potatoes to find this!  Haha, they don't taste any different, but are super cute; kind of weired me out at first!

Have you all been grilling lately?  What's been on your grate?


  1. love the veggies great post and blog!!!


  2. So cool about the purple potatoes! And oh man, the no grocery store for 2 weeks thing...story of my life! Especially when travel and being busy gets in the way...we're currently in that state. I typically shy away from kabobs because I hate bell peppers (often a kabob staple), but I love the idea of potato kabobs!

  3. looks really good! we will have to grill some pizzas together soon!


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