July 05, 2013

food & beer friday~ freedom of '78

A few months ago I found this beer by Shorts Brewery & Half Acre Beer Co. in stores.  I'm glad I snatched it up when I did, because it's not available anymore (at least in my part of town..).  I'm a little bummed, because I went looking for some more of it to celebrate the 4th of July with, but it was allll gone!  It sure was tasty when I had it, though!  A collaboration between the two breweries, it's a celebration of America and our freedom beer style!
I snacked on tortilla chips while sipping on this brew & making some cheesecake.  This beer was sooo good; really hoppy & mighty delicious.  It's obviously been a while since I've had this delicacy, but I'd recommend it to anyone who likes a good hoppy beer.

I'm hoping everyone had a great 4th of July, and has a good rest of the weekend!  Link up with below with your own food or beer pick!! :)


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