July 12, 2013

food & beer friday~ alchemy hour double ipa

It's been slightly hot out lately, as you can probably tell from my sweaty beer bottle.  I'm currently sitting on my couch with a box fan pointed straight at me; it kind of follows me around the house...while doing dishes, watching tv, and to bed, etc. haha.  If you couldn't tell, our air conditioning isn't working, so we're taking it easy (we think it's probably a quick-ish fix, just haven't gotten to it yet).
Great Lakes Brewing Co. is located in Cleveland, Ohio, and is near the great lake Erie.  At 9.4% ABV, it's a doozy.  Just one of these bad boys is enough to satisfy your tastebuds and your mood.
Here's what the website has to say for this beer:

Alchemy Hour Double IPA is quite a strong beer; in both taste and alcohol content.  Perhaps I write too much about IPAs, but they're truely my favorite.  This was a great one, and after some food and one of these, I felt very satisfied.  Not too much, not too little; just right.
It was pretty sticky out the day I drank this beer...I was also pretty hungry, and after a trip to the store, decided on this microwavable pasta bowl since I didn't want to turn the oven on for lunch.  I was sosooo tempted to pick up a Hot 'N' Ready pizza from Little Caesar's, but I'm trying my hardest to only have pizza once a week.  I even mark it on the calendar when I have it to keep track.  This pasta bowl hit the spot though, plus it was organic-- bonus!
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