June 05, 2013

wine & dine

The weekend before last, I took a little day trip up to Traverse City with my friend Hannah and some other ladies for her bachelorette party.  Traverse City, Michigan is chuck full of wineries, and we spent the day going from one to the other, tasting to our hearts content.  It was such a beautiful day, and so much fun!
We all piled in this big white van for the three hour trip there, and had fun getting honks and waves along the way in our decked out girly mobile.
The beautiful bride, and a silly selfie of me in the bathroom. :)  Hey, ya gotta, right?!
The bride making her tasting selections.  This was towards the end of our tasting day, and things were getting a little silly; we were really into those crackers.
The partaaaay!!!
wine, wine, wine.... :)
@ 2 Lads winery, and a tasting mobile.
We ended up going to Outback Steakhouse for dinner, since all the local joints were booked with the busy Memorial Day weekend...and it was a weekend, so yah, no room for us crazies.  It was a lot of fun though, and we had a super fun server, plus got a free round of long islands, say whaaat?!
It was definitely a good time, and I had so much fun celebrating Hannah!  I'm already anxious to go up there again for another go of it, and hit up the wineries we didn't make it to.  Vacation, anyone?
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  1. What a fun time!! And your outfit is so adorable!


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