June 16, 2013

what's in my wardrobe~ caddy pants

Yesterday Mike was watching golf, and suddenly got the itch to hit some balls.  It had just stopped raining, and there was a possibility it would start back up, so we jumped up from the couch and ran out the door with his clubs.  I've never golfed in my life, and don't have a desire to, but I like going along to drive the cart like a mad-woman, drink some beer, and give my caddy advice (I know nothing!  ...but I still pretend).

The weather turned out to be really beautiful, and the only reason I needed this sweater was because of the cool breeze we got while I was driving the cart around.  Those things go a little too slow in my opinion, haha.  Mike did throw it in neutral at one point while we were going down a hill, so we got a bit of speed- woo!
Here's Mike's first swing of the year!  He did really well for not having been out for a whole year!
posing....obviously.  I don't have a golf ball or anything, heh.  It was a fun time, and I'm glad we got out!
outfit details~
sweater & pants~ thrifted // lace top~ charlotte rusche // tank top~ ? // sandals~ target // sunnies~ firmoo
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  1. I want those pants haha :D I have never been golfing before, only minigolf, which I like haha. It's really expensive here, 'regular' golf.

    By the way, I'm totally not ignoring your email, I'm just waiting for fixed info from my boyfriends mom (I'm tagging along with his family so I have to be sure she hasn't planned anything). I asked her so I'll let you know as soon as I do!!

  2. Love those pants. Love how quirky your posts are! I'm with you on the golf thing, I've never had any desire to whack a tiny ball with a long stick. I'm sure it's fun though :-)

    1. haha, thanks! It did sort of make me want to go mini golfing though. :)


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