June 27, 2013

what to wear~ while crafting

Crafting is our spotlight for this weeks what to wear!  I think most of us like to craft, at least a little bit.  I love making things, and sort of have a room dedicated to it...it's called the craft room, duh.  Really it's a second bedroom, but since it's just Mike & I and our animals living at our house, all my crafty things get to live in there.
I don't wear anything special while crafting...just something comfortable.  I don't typically make a huge mess in the ick way (like messy-mess...things that will get on & ruin my clothes), but I definitely make little explosions of craft-ness while in the process.  Anyway, all that to say that it doesn't really matter what I wear when I craft.  I wore this t-shirt to work, and swapped out my jeans for these shorts from comfy's sake (and the fact that it's been bloody hot lately, and our air conditioner's not working).
A beer or some wine is always a good choice while crafting...
I'm working on making some streamers to hang from the ceiling in our bedroom; really just a bunch of twine with pieces of fabric tied to it, but I think it'll look pretty sweet when it's done.  It's sort of time consuming though, and I get distracted easily, so it'll be a while before it's done.  Plus I want to paint some polka dots on the ceiling before hanging these suckers as well, so yah, I've got some time.
And as always, whenever there are crafts, cats are present.  Especially when string is involved...

Go on over to Nicole's blog to see what everyone else is wearing whilst creating!  Wanna join in the fun?  Link up now, or with us next time when we're dressing for wine tasting on July 11.

p.s.~ there's still a spot or two open on my craft-it-forward post from yesterday if you'd like to jump in and receive a little handmade mystery from yours truly!


  1. Comfy is king when crafting, that's for sure!

  2. I'm glad I'm not the only one who had a slightly tropical theme this week =p
    I love the rug in your craft room!

  3. Such a great looking craft space, and your bedroom streamers seem like such a fun idea--I hope you post the final look!

  4. You're the cutest! And I love the new blog design!!


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