June 19, 2013

vintage motorcycle show

Just a week or so ago Mike and I went to a vintage motorcycle show.  It was held at the Gilmore Car Museum, about half an hour away from where we live.  Neither of had ever been there before, regardless of it not being too far away, so it was fun to visit!
So there are a bunch of photos up in here today, but we liked so much of what we saw!  Here are some of my favorites:
Pony cycle!  so cute.
And these are Mike's favs:
After we looked at all of the motorcycles at the outdoor show, we got to go into the car museum for free, so of course we took advantage of it!  Check out these cars, people!  Oh to have lived back in the day when these were on the road!  *sigh*  I think I would've been giddy to have picked up for a date in one of these suckers.  Can you imagine going to the drive-in wearing a pretty dress, a bucket of popcorn in your lap, and sitting a beauty like this?! ...dreamy.
What a darling little camper!!
Oh, and this used to be a set in a kid's Disney movie...I don't remember which one, and I hadn't seen whichever one it was...just thought it was cool to be next to a giant sized car, haha!
And now for a teensy one!  What fun it would be to play in one of these as a child!
side car!
We had a great time!  I'm glad we got to go.  Sadly, we heard in the news that night that a motorcyclist had been killed on the road to the museum that day.  Most likely it was someone that had also been at the show; there were sooo many people there on their own personal bikes.  My prayers go out to the family of those gone.  This is a good reminder, especially with the great summer weather, to be extra careful while driving, and watch out for motorcyclist... they're a lot smaller and harder to spot, so do head checks and look twice people!

Hope you all have a good hump day!

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